Hey everyone!
I just got back from UAB, and things are starting to progress, slowly but surely. She is at 4 cm, and had her epidural earlier this afternoon. According to the sonograms, Eli is 3 pounds 10 ounces. The official diagnosis is pre-eclampsia, which I am thinking and hoping that, in this case sounds worse than it actually is – they say that that Eli is perfectly fine. When I left, his heart rate had been fluctuating a little, but the nurses weren’t worried. From what I can gather, UAB seems to be on the more conservative side of the “to c-section or not to c-section” decision, and they have told her it may be 24-48 hours of labor!! However, I am hoping that since things HAVE started to progress now, that he will be born during the night at some point.
My parents are up there, of course, as is her Mom and Grandmother, so I will get updates, and will go back up there if things start getting exciting. I’ll update you as I have updates!
p.s. – for my blog readers who don’t know, Lindsay is my brother’s wife. So Eli will be Ali’s first cousin and my first niece!!

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