Here are pictures of Eli today, and (finally!!) pictures of the tea!!!!

Mommy holding Eli for the second time:
Daddy holding Eli for the FIRST time!
Baby Eli!!

Here are the tea pictures!! Kind of anticlimactic being that Eli is already here, but hey – it was Lindsay’s last day of being pregnant!!

All the hostesses and Lindsay! l-r: Amy Funk, Me, Lindsay, Mom, Ann Marie, Ashley Spurling, Amanda Hayes, and Ali.

Ali thoroughly enjoying herself at the tea:
Lindsay and Julie Hasty:

Ali and Amanda:
Layla playing with the baloons after the tea (Layla is JC and Lindsay’s dog):
The Sign in / welcome table (it say’s “Elijah’s Party”):
The Food table! Ann Marie did a GREAT job coordinating and planning the menu!

The Hostess Gifts / Centerpieces:
Ali visiting with a guest her size: Brooks!
The Falls ladies!
Well, that’s the picture update!!
As a side note, this is my 100th blog!!!! I know that in the blog world, the 100th blog holds a lot of significance (I think it’s the point where it becomes obvious that a person is not just on a blog-fling, but will stick to it), and most people do something special on it, like “100 things about me”. But I’ve already done that and I am NOT coming up with another 100 things. I’ve been thinking in the small moments of calm throughout the week what I could do to celebrate, but I’ve had a LOT of posts this week, and it has snuck up on me. So, why not celebrate it with pictures of Eli??? So, I’m celebrating!!!

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