The blood patch went well. Lindsay’s headaches are gone and her BP is back down to normal. Eli is now in CCN 3 on the seventh floor (a promotion). He’s eating 26 CCs (almost an ounce!) and is out from under the lamp. He looks great, and the doctors said they will probably let him eat as much as he wants very soon!!

4 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Blood Patch and Eli Updates!

  1. I am so glad that everything went well for Lindsay this morning. I was praying it would. I am also glad that Eli is doing so well. Maybe he will get to go home sooner.

  2. #1- Praise God for how well Eli is doing and that Lindsay is finally feeling better! Headaches are horrible – I’m sure this one topped most I’ve had!
    #2- I think it’s hilarious that you, Rachel & Lindsay, are communicating through blog comments, hahaha!

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