I woke up with a headache this morning (odd – I NEVER get headaches, and when I do, they really get to me), then not long after that, started feeling nauseous. Ali and I drove out to Pell City to visit with Ashlie for a while, and I just got to feeling worse and worse – my skin started hurting. I dropped Ali off at Mom’s on the way home (she’s spending the night), and by the time I got home I was really feeling bad. So I took my temp – over 100 degrees! Wierd. I took more ibuprofen (had already taken some this morning), and it helped all the aching, but my fever is still high. I guess I should take some tylenol. Anyway, since I have some sort of odd sickness, I better stay away from blogging about anything too intense – the fever might take over! ;)
So here are a couple of pictures from our week instead. . .

Ali using her new sidewalk chalk. . . that heart is impressive, huh? ;)
Swinging on the front porch last night – waiting for Daddy to come help her to fly!!! “jumping” to Daddy – what a look of total glee!! Too bad there’s not a Father’s Day photo contest. What love for Daddy!!
Chris was late getting home last night – and Ali was not happy about it, and let him know!! She started looking for him around 5:15 – she knows he always comes home around the time she is eating supper, so she started saying “Daddy” and pointing toward the window. I didn’t know he was going to be late, so after her dinner, I took her to watch out the window, as usual. Then I found out he wouldn’t be home yet, so I distracted her with playing in the living room. When he got home at about 6:00, she gave him a look of complete disdain and said, “UH!” in her most disgruntled voice (She sounded just like she had her hands on her hips!!). She gave him the cold shoulder for about 5 minutes, then she forgave him, and the above moment of complete joy and glee was made possible.

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