We ALL went up to the hospital yesterday after lunch (all meaning JC, Lindsay, Me, Chris, Ali, Mom, Dad, and Mammaw, plus Lindsay’s Mom and Grandmother met us up there! We were quite the crowd in the hallway!), so my Mom and I were able to get a bunch of pictures.

Here is their first family picture!! Mom did a great job getting this one:

Swapping out

Look how tiny he looks compared to JC’s hand!!!
Sleeping Peacefully. . .
He made some great facial expressions today and even smiled at least once, but of course those were in the split seconds that we weren’t taking pictures. He is doing great – Lindsay and JC were going back up to the hospital for his 9:30 feeding last night for Lindsay to nurse Eli for the first time! So exciting. Hopefully they will update me later on. Hope you enjoy the pictures anyway!

2 thoughts on “Eli in Pictures

  1. he is adorable…I am glad he is doing so well.

    Sorry that Ali didn’t get to spend more time with her cousin Eli but once he is home she will have lots of playtime with him.

  2. I don’t think Ali caught on that she was being thrown out. She would have been bored with him in about 2 seconds anyway. :)
    She just doesn’t realize all the fun they’re going to have together in a few years!!

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