I know I’m blogging about Ali a lot lately, and although I try to mix up my blogs between baby stuff/me stuff/spiritual stuff/random stuff/etc, I haven’t been able to lately due to working 35 hours a week (between still doing my Slappey work and getting Chris’ company’s stuff set up at home). So I haven’t been doing much of anything or thinking much about anything but Ali and work lately. And although I enjoy accounting immensely, I’ve heard that not everyone else finds it as intoxicatingly fun as I do, and so, because I care about you, I try to steer away from work blogs.

Sooo, you get what I have: Ali blogs.

Yesterday, she was eating dinner, and she was very interested in something very desirable looking that was on the counter – something for her cousin Eli’s baby shower next month. She wanted it very badly. I told her “no, baby, that’s Eli’s”. Immediately, she started pointing at my eyes and saying “ice”. She heard El-eyes, and so every time she saw that fun item for the rest of the night, she would point at someone’s eyes and say “ice”. And so starts the misconception that her baby cousin is a body part.

I remember vividly some misconceptions I had in childhood – understanding things to be different than they were. This particular Ali occurance reminded me of my interpretation of the word “office” – when I first started reading, I was immensely puzzled for what seemed like a very long period of my life about why ice wasn’t allowed in so many buildings! It just made no sense to me. What was so bad about ice that you couldn’t have it? And it was such an childhood-airheaded moment, because I knew it was an office, and would probably think, why do they post “off ice” at an office? But for some reason, I had trouble putting 2 and 2 together to how office was spelled, and that you were indeed allowed to have ice at an office. Another word I remember not understanding is conscience. I had a book that talked alot about one of the main character’s strong conscience, and I thought he understood science very well.

So, I am curious – surely you all remember misinterpretations and misconceptions from your childhood. I love hearing them – please comment your favorite one for us all to enjoy!!!

4 thoughts on “the misconceptions of childhood

  1. I can’t think of any of my childhood misconceptions, but I’m lovin’ that she thinks her cousin is a pair of eyes :). It’s so weird to read about him like he’s a real person. Not that he’s not real – he just doesn’t feel real yet. But he’ll be here soon!

  2. I remembered another great misconception I had – My mom used to tell me that I would get crowns in heaven for all of the good things I did, but I always thought she was saying crayons. I couldn’t wait to get all of my crayons in heaven!!!

  3. I remember seeing the “end of construction” signs on the highway during the summer and thinking they were protest signs. I still chuckle when I see one of those signs.

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