As I have mentioned before, I have a personal gardener. I didn’t request my gardener, nor do I pay my gardener – flowers just appear in my yard and flower box. It is amazing! My mom loves gardening, and I personally did not inherit her love or abilities for gardening. Or sewing, for that matter. I had to make one dress in home ec and by the time I finished it, I hated it. But, I digress. I love pretty flowers, but I hate pulling weeds. When I was little, I opted to not do any outside chores and so did all indoor favorite being cooking a lot of our family meals. I DO love cooking. At least I have one homemaker trait. Anyway, back to gardening, not only does my Mother (without being asked) plant my flowers, she goes out and weeds them when she is visiting – just on a whim! I know, I’m spoiled. Terribly spoiled. I highly recommend it (being spoiled, that is).

The pictures are from my flower box on our deck, which is perfectly centered in my kitchen window, so I get to look at it while washing dishes.
Mom has tried to motivate me to get into gardening, such as a couple of months ago when she planted the pictured flowers, she left me some “indoor bulbs” that all I had to do was add dirt to the included pot and bulbs and have flowers. Sorry, Mom, the pots and bulbs (with no dirt) are still sitting in the closet. I know. I’m pitiful. I’m just better with spreadsheets than with botany! I’m not sure exactly what dormant genes I got from my parents, because I’m such the odd person out in my family. They all make fun of me (in jest, of course), for being so different than all of them. Oh well. I help them with spreadsheets and budgets and they help me with flowers and being a little more laid back. It’s a symbiotic relationship!

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  1. I’m glad I can bring some beauty and joy to your daily life and You bring some balance and organization to mine. Mom

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