Ali had a wonderful time at Gramamma and Pop’s, so I figured she would appreciate it if I blogged about her vacation also.

My parents just got some chicks – from 1 day old to 2 weeks old. When I got there to drop Ali off, we went to see them, and the first thing she did was try to wring one’s neck with her thumb and index finger! After that, though, Ali loved playing with the “chickies” – every time mom went in the garage, she said “chickie!!”, and of course she learned that chickies say “peep peep”.
Here are a few pictures of Ali with her chickie friends:

My dad has been driving me crazy to let him take Ali out on a motorcycle – he swears he took us at a younger age. So he turned one on, and of course she was scared to death of the sound. They did manage to get one picture in before she insisted on getting away from it. However, every time the passed the motorcycle for the rest of the weekend, she would say “buddin buddin”..
Other funny occurances:
– Dad got to keep her all Sunday afternoon while Mom was helping at a tea. She wouldn’t nap for him, and at one point, started calling out “stinky! stinky! STINKY!”, and so he went in there, and sure enough, she was right!

– They went to check on Oreo, and mom couldn’t find Oreo’s food and water bowls. She asked Ali where they were, and she crawled right to them! We’ve never talked about that being Oreo’s food, so I guess she’s just seen Oreo eat there and put 2 and 2 together. She also blew lots and lots of kisses at Oreo when she saw her!

– She got to go to bible study with Mom – she got to crawl around during the whole lesson and generally distract everyone. She recognized Laura Pierce from the nursery, and would climb up in her lap every now and then. :)

That’s about all the stories I’ve heard so far from their weekend. . . I’m glad she had fun!!

4 thoughts on “Ali’s Vacation!

  1. You know those diapers were rated for 27 to 35 pounds? They don’t hold nearly that much!!!

  2. So your dad actually changed a stinky diaper? I always envisioned him to be the “hose ’em down in the front yard” type! :)

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