This morning, Ali did one of those things that I wasn’t sure was coincidental, or if she actually understood what I was saying. I went to get her up (when she woke up at 10 am!!!! She apparently woke up around 8, but never said anything to let us know she was up, and put herself back to sleep for her morning nap around 8:30), and I said “Guess who’s downstairs??? It’s Saturday!!” and she got this huge smile and said “Daddy!!!!!” in her most excited voice. Wow!!

We took Ali to the Trussville park today. It is such a great park! They have five different areas of playground equipment for different ages of children. And the ground is covered with this rubber stuff that is just great – because its really clean enough to let Ali crawl around on if she wants to (sure, she gets a little dirty, but she’s not covered in mud or pine straw). Ali really likes swinging and sliding down the slides (although sometimes she can be a little apprehensive about the slides, and others she absolutely loves it). She also likes the springy bouncy animals to ride on.
Here’s a picture of her swinging (swings are the only thing that consistently get her to laugh):

Here’s a picture of her pushing her walking toy at the park that JC and Lindsay got her for Christmas:
Since this is my first post of pictures of Ali, here are some more very recent photos:
She loves to get up on all fours and look through her legs:

We got her some bunny ears for Easter. She actually likes wearing them!

Her hair is getting so curly – especially on humid days.

Almost every afternoon, we go to the window and watch for Daddy to come home. She gets so excited!!!

Here she is posing. She loves being photographed!

She’s in a sharing stage. Here, she’s sharing Mickey Mouse with Oreo.

Oreo is truly thrilled with the gift.

2 thoughts on “The Park and Recent Photos of Ali

  1. Ali is TOO adorable. I especially like her wearing the bunny ears. :) :) I’m liking the stage she’s in right now. She’s so much fun. :) :)

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