Greta inspired me to do this, who was inspired by someone else to do this. I’ll try to make my facts interesting and comment-worthy, and I’ll see if I can get at least one fact in there that each person wouldn’t know (even my silent-but-daily-blog-reading mom!!) :

1. I like my middle name, Victoria, a lot, but I wanted to keep my Maiden name (Zannis), more, so I legally dropped Victoria. However, if I have a second daughter, we plan on naming her Victoria and calling her Tori.

2. I was named Victoria after my Dad (Victor) after a family spat over the middle name that my parents had previously picked out for me. They figured the only way to make sure no one could complain was to name me after one of them.

3. I’m glad they didn’t give me my Mom’s middle name, Frances. Because back in the days when Mom was named Frances, it was shortened to Fannie. Ick.

4. I love flowers but hate to garden.

5. I am very lucky because my mom loves both, and she is very generous and will often come (unrequested) and plant flowers in my yard or flower boxes. AND she will weed them when she’s over here for Sunday lunch. What a Mom.

6. We have Sunday lunch at our house most Sundays. It used to be at my parent’s, but Ali naps better at our house. AND Mom brings lunch! I help, but she is usually the main cooker and provider of Sunday Lunch. There’s no bad angle there for me. She spoils us!

7. Chris is 5 1/2 years older than me. When we met, I was 17 and he was 22 (and very shortly was 23).

8. I had a list of 52 requirements for a husband. When we started dating, Chris met all but 2, and before we got married he met those two also.

9. One of my requirements was that my husband would be smarter than me. I was so relieved when I found out that Chris had made 4 points higher on the ACT than me! :) But I had already figured out he was smarter than me.

10. Chris and I kissed for the first time at Jemison Park. Now that park is 5 minutes from our house and we walk Ali there all the time.

11. My favorite kind of candy is Red Licorice. My favorite kind of r.l. was Brach’s, but they quit making it about 6 years ago. I ate tons of that stuff when I was a kid. I sure miss it.

12. My least favorite grooming thing to do is to shave. My favorite: plucking my eyebrows. So relaxing!

13. I have always been a numbers, spreadsheet, forms type person. When I was a kid, every year for my birthday, I had an “Office” spend-the-night party. Beforehand, My mom and I would go around to all the banks and offices and get them to give us forms and pads and pens, and we would make personalized checks for all the girls coming. We would stay up all night and play office. Yes, and now I’m an accountant.

14. I am very competitive. I didn’t realize I was competitive until I went to college. Since I homeschooled from 1-12 grade, I was never in an educationally competitive environment. I went a little competition crazy in college. But I did a pretty good job of not letting it show. I didn’t want to be THAT classmate.

15. I took lessons for three different instruments growing up: Violin, Piano, and Guitar. The only one that stuck was guitar, and it was also the only one I ever really liked playing.

16. We drove to California and back for three years in a row when I was 12-14. I loved it, until the way back, and then I would get really tired of being cooped up in a truck for days on end.

17. We drove to Ca. because my dad builds antique race cars, and his boss would pay for our whole trip to trailer the car to Monterey for a race.

18. Dad also built and navigated an antique race car on a 45 day race from Beijing China to Paris France in 1996. There is a History Channel Special about it. And they went through Iran. Crazy.

19. I love peeling plastic film off of new electronics. Sometimes temptation overwhelms me and I peel them off of the display models at the store.

20. I REALLY love to fly. It is so exciting. But Chris doesn’t hold the excitement I do about it. We have actually never flown together.

21. Excel is my best friend. What was the world like before Excel?

22. It seems like a lot of restaurants that Chris and I really love have closed. Wing Stop, Copelands, Ruby Tuesday in Cahaba Heights, Mozzarella’s American Grill, The Heights Cafe, Cheeburger Cheeburger, El Tapatio, and the most famous change, when Sarris’ Steakhouse (where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner) suddenly became “Love Stuff”. We are a curse to restaurants.

23. We loved Wing Stop so much that sometimes we plan our travelling around stopping at one to eat. We are doing that next weekend. Their fries are amazing.

24. Our curse has also extended to our first townhouse (they gutted them and rebuilt them and sold them for an outrageous price of $300K), and Overton Park (we used to hang out there a lot when we were just friends, and then again when we were dating. They have since gutted the park and remade it, and again we live 5 minutes from it and take Ali there all the time). Also true of my Brach’s red licorice.

25. I loved doing beadwork when I was a teenager. I have a rubber storage container downstairs with hundreds of dollars worth of beads in it.

26. When Chris and I got married, I was the scrooge and he was the spender. Over the years, we have both become more like the other one, and now we’re about even.

27. I honestly and truly believe that I have the best husband in the world. He treats me amazingly.

28. Although I love my cat, I do not believe that she is the best cat in the world. Mainly due to the fact that when she gets really mad, she pees on our bed. She hasn’t done this in quite a while. She really did this the most when I was on crutches. For some reason, she hates crutches.

29. I am insatiably curious. It drives me crazy not to know who has looked at my blog.

30. I am also insatiably self-conscious. I obsess way too much over what people think about me. It drives me crazy not to know what people thought of my blog. Leave me comments for my sanity’s sake!!!

31. I am not a tomboy, nor am I a really girly-girl. I am somewhere very in between, very neutral.

32. I LOVE my budget. I think budgets are the greatest thing ever (made even better by Excel, might I add). I love making the budget, entering information into the budget, analyzing the budget, and reporting to Chris about the budget. Yes, you can call me a dork.

33. I love spending time with other girls, but am often self-conscious about calling and being proactive to invite someone to hang out with me.

34. When I was growing up, I had a very healthy self-image in that I liked me and thought I was a likable person, but at the same time, I thought everyone hated me. Bizarre. I think I’m more well-balanced now.

35. I am a very loyal person. I have been at the same church for 13 years (exactly half my life), and the same job for 10 years. Once I am somewhere, I don’t leave.

36. Exception to #35: I am not loyal to cars. I have had 6 different cars in the 10 years that I could drive. 4 out of 6 were Honda Civics. I have now realized that it is not easy to have such a little car with a baby and all of her gear, so I have a Honda Pilot.

37. When I was 9 years old, I went to Toronto Canada with just my dad. We were going to go on his motorcycle, but we went on a “test” ride to Anniston, and I complained too much about my butt hurting. Thank goodness – I don’t think I would have done too good all the way to Canada on the motorcycle.

38. I got lost in Canada between elevators in the Hotel. When Dad found me, I told him I had called Social Security to help find him. He still likes to tell that story.

39. I love to eavesdrop via the baby monitor on Chris and Ali when he goes to get her from a nap. It’s so sweet.

40. I never really craved anything when I was pregnant. Chris and I were both disappointed. He was really looking forward to having to get up at 3am and get me Krispy Kreme’s or something. I told you I had the best husband ever.

41. I did, however, really like fish while I was pregnant. Baked Tilapia. With at least 15 lemons. Yummm.

42. Random things that I wasn’t allowed to do as a kid: Have training wheels on my bicycle, Draw on my skin or get fake tattoo’s (The first thing Dad asked Chris when Chris asked Dad if he could date me was “Do you have any piercings or tattoo’s?”), jump on a trampoline, watch “You Can’t Do That on Television”, or eat candy cigarettes. None of these rules ruined my childhood.

43. I think I have only heard my mom say “Shut Up” once in my life. And boy, did we shut up.

44. Chris and I have perfectly complimentary tastes. When we go to the Olive Garden and get the salad before our meal, the first thing we do is split up the toppings. He gets the croutons and peppers, and I get the tomatoes, olives, and onions.

45. I get terrible mouth ulcers – it’s some kind of Virus or something (Not Oral Herpes – that’s cold sores and I don’t get those). They get really big (to the size of skittles) and hurt like crazy.

46. My favorite kind of pen in the world is a Pilot Permaball, and much like our restaurant curse, everyone quit carrying them. But I still order them from the Pilot website. It’s so satisfying to write with a really good feeling pen.

47. I stole gas one time – accidentally. Apparently the person’s credit card before mine paid for it. Oops.

48. I can’t stand to sit very long with my feet on the floor. I have to either prop my feet up or sit in the chair indian-style.

49. I met Jay Leno one of those times we were in Monterey, California. My mom walked up to him, shook his hand, said “Hey, Jay!” and walked off. His chin is MUCH bigger in real life.

50. I am in a painting that is sold nationally. It was done when I was 9. It’s hanging in my living room. And my parent’s living room. And my Grandmother’s living room. And, according to the artist, the original was bought by the richest man in Memphis and is hanging in his office.

51. When I was about 6, they filmed some low budget movie near Tannehill. They were using my Dad’s Model T in the movie, so Dad took me out there to be an extra in the movie. They made me carry a doll that I thought I was much too old for, and I kept trying to leave it on all the rides (it was a carnival scene), but people kept bringing it back to me! I have no idea how they knew it was mine. The movie was rated R, so of course I wasn’t allowed to go see it. My parents did, and said that there was a closeup of me in the movie.

52. I got paid $70 for being in the film, and so Dad and I went to open me up a savings account. But I’ve always wondered about that – it doesn’t seem like they would have paid an extra. I’ve always wondered if Dad “paid” me.

53. Another thing I’ve always wondered about : when I was in High School, my Dad had someone tell him that they wanted to email him something about me, and wondered if I checked his email, so Dad changed his password so I wouldn’t read it. Dad made it sound like it was a good email, but I’ve always wondered if it was a good or bad email. Maybe I don’t want to know.

54. I don’t make up our bed, ever, unless someone is coming over and might go upstairs.

55. I love heights.

56. I secretly loved going to the doctor when I was a kid. I loved the attention. But I always pretended not to like it because I was embarrassed that I loved it. I also LOVED it when I broke my arm in 7th grade. That was great.

57. I never talk to myself unless I just embarrassed myself, and then for some reason I groan a lot to myself.

58. When it comes to the DISC personality test, I am a CDS. Chris is a CSD. We are so much alike except that I’m a little more impatient and he’s a little more deliberate. I think our personalities mesh perfectly.

59. I don’t like clothes shopping with other people. Don’t get me wrong, I like browsing while with other people. But if I’m really shopping, I like being alone. Except for Ali – I actually like shopping with her.

60. I am a speed shopper. I can walk into a store, see everything that’s in the store, and determine if there’s anything I want to try on in 1-5 minutes.

61. I can not, at all, ever, imagine living anywhere but Birmingham. I think it goes back to the loyalty thing. And I don’t like really big changes.

62. Until Chris and I had been married for 2 years, I didn’t exist to the credit people. I couldn’t be on our first mortgage because I had never had any credit. So I finally got a credit card so that I would exist.

63. I LOVE animals in the wild or at the zoo. I think I am instilling that love in Ali as well.

64. I don’t like sitting on the couch without a blanket, even if it is summertime. I also CANNOT sleep without a blanket on.

65. I never, literally never, watched tv for a period of about 2 years when I was in high school. For no particular reason, it was just not something my family did a whole lot of.

66. Several people I’ve been told I look like: Gretchen Wilson (ugh), the girl in the band White Stripes (which I REALLY think I do look like), The main character in “Love Story”, and Rorie from Gilmore Girls.

67. I like being called “Rach”

68. The sound of highlighters on paper gives me chills. But usually only when someone else does it. Sometimes even just thinking about the sound gives me chills.

69. Unfortunately, my husband’s job often requires a lot of highlighting. This can be particularly chilling for me if he’s working at home.

70. I used to want twins really badly until I had one, and then I realized that I did not have the Mommy skills required to keep up with two at once.

71. I’ve never dyed my hair, and the main reason is because I am too practical (money-wise) and wouldn’t want to pay for the upkeep.

72. I really like snakes. If I see a small to medium sized one out in the wild and am reasonably sure it’s not poisonous, I will pick it up and play with it.

73. I once found a snake at the beach and named her “Greta” because she had a crooked jaw and looked JUST like Greta van Susteren.

74. I have been going to the majority of Alabama football home games with Chris since we started dating in 1999. I didn’t know what a first down was until halfway through my first season.

75. I fell asleep at a lot of games those first couple of seasons. Yes, really asleep.

76. I also fell asleep at the races at the B.I.R. when my Dad would take me when I was a little girl.

77. My first memory is going to Disney World when I was three. I also remember more distinctly falling down and skinning my hand on that trip, and my Aunt (who we were staying with) not having any bandaids. I was most upset about not getting a bandaid. But I actually still have a scar from that fall.

78. I write out all of my bible study times. I love writing prayers and what I learn from verses. I have a whole shelf of these notebooks starting when I was 16.

79. I hate diet drinks of all kinds. I did drink C2 for a short time, but other than that, I like my Cokes real. And fountain cokes are the best.

80. I love coffee but I rarely drink it anymore. I used to drink it when I worked, but now that I’m at home, I never have it.

81. I’ve never tasted beer. It just smells too awful to imagine tasting it.

82. I’ve been to approximately 30 states. Mostly when I was a child. We travelled on Model T tours.

83. I went to Cyprus when I was 16 to help a missionary set up his office. I was there for 6 weeks.

84. I flew back from Cyprus alone. When I got back into New York, the customs guy looked at me suspiciously, and said “do your parents know where you are?”

85. After that trip, I was very confused about which side of the road to drive on for quite a while.

86. I have never done well with left and right. I have to look at which hand my wedding ring is on to know which way is left.

87. I wrote everything mirror image backwards when I was little. I can still easily write that way.

88. I like recordkeeping so much that for the first year of Ali’s life, I kept up with every feeding, naptimes, night time sleep length, AND diapers in a notebook. I still keep up with everything but the diapers..

89. I also keep a calendar like a diary for every day so I can look back at any time and remember what we did and when.

90. I feel like I have the best friends I have ever had at this point in my life. I have many really, really good friends. And for the first time, I feel like I have friends that pursue me in friendship – it has always felt like I was the only one that pursued relationships.

91. I love that my brother and sister-in-law and soon-to-be nephew live 8 minutes from us!! I am so glad that they moved back home.

92. Chris and I are both packrats. This makes for a lot of stuff.

93. I have had the same cell phone number since I was 16 and got my first cell phone. I really hope I never have to change it.

94. I had two foot surgeries in two years. The second time, they took a small bone out of my foot.

95. Chris asked my surgeon if he could keep the bone. He told Chris “he would have to check on hospital policies about taking body parts out of the hospital”, but he did let Chris keep it.

96. The bone is in a jar, and it has since grown hairy mold. I’m scared to ever open the jar.

97. I loved taking SAT tests as a kid. They were so much fun. Paperwork galore!!

98. I do know I’ve got a lot of geeky qualities, and I’m ok with that.

99. I tend to get stuck in ruts a LOT. I forget to do different and creative things because I just do what I always do.

100. If anyone read all of these at one sitting, I am very impressed, and a little flattered!! Thanks!!!

74 thoughts on “100 random things about me

  1. Rachel, I am glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your 100 random things AND I did in fact read the whole thing in one sitting! :) I also thought you’d appreciate the peace of mind knowing that I read your blog on a regular basis (google reader is one of the best inventions ever! …lets me know who has updated!) and think it’s great! So, rest assured that what you post out here in cyber space is not getting lost ;-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Easter!

    1. I liked this. I like you. After reading about you, I feel I can say that. I like your list and I CRACKED UP after reading your exploration about jeans and the mom butt, and the sequel. Honestly, I’ve noticed this for years but never researched it formally (:)) Thanks for proving (yet again) that it’s not the body, but the bad clothes, that make us women look bad.

  2. I’m going to try again to leave a comment. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane from your perspective. There were about a dozen things I did not know about. I love you. Mom

  3. I read them all too…although not in one sitting.
    I think it’s horrible that you named a snake Greta, because I HATE snakes.
    Good for you coming up with 100 – I had a hard time coming up with 10more after my 50.

  4. Thanks Bekah! Glad to know you’re reading! And thanks for the recommendation on the Google reader – I had heard about it but I hadn’t tried it. I love it so far!
    Greta, Sorry about the snake. I promise to never name another snake Greta. Unless I come across another one with a crooked chin. Or one that has a husband named Bob and a son named Sam.

  5. I actually read them all in one sitting! (while at work… bad… :)). I have to comment on a few :).

    48) Me too! I often feel like I get raised eyebrows while at work because I sit indian-style in my chair. Usually with my shoes off. Super professional looking.

    54) Definitely me too. Although, I usually don’t even make it when we have guests – I just close the door. More becuase it’s usually our whole bedroom that’s a wreck and it’s always last on my last to clean.

    57) I talk to myself all the time… I think it has to do with being an only child and not having anyone else to talk to growing up.

    68) J.C.’s the same way – must run in the genes. His biggest heebie jeebie thing is the sound of magic markers on cardboard.

    72) That’s just weird… :)

    86) I think it’s a leftie thing. I’m the same way and it takes me a few seconds going through this whole mental process (usually thinking about what hand I write with) in order for me to realize which is left and right.

    91) Me too!!! I’m especially excited about staying home after the baby and being so close to y’all. It will be fun to be able to do things like grab lunch and go to the zoo with you and Ali. I can’t wait!

    I think I’ve taken up enough of your comment space. :).

  6. I read this all in one sitting! :)
    THere were a few things I didnt know either…
    And I have to say, I fell asleep at the BIR races when I was a kid too! We were probably there at some of the same races, but didnt ever know it! :)

  7. I read them all in one sitting, What was the other of the two last requirements that Chris had to meet? Did I miss it or is it classified material?
    Anyway, my mothering days are sorta, kinda, over, but that does not stop me from admiring your willingness to share and I find your blog inspirational and fun!
    And its wonderful that you have the opportunity to use the technology available to make it a living, breathing, blogging spot.
    Blessed by your blog, MLM
    P.S. Still blessed by that CD you made for me:)
    P.S.S clue: former coworker and employee, pretty sure you don’t need the clue

  8. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Mary!!
    Yes, I probably won’t post those “two things” on here, but you can ask me sometime and I’ll tell you!
    Good to hear from you!

  9. Love this post! I, too, get easily confused with my left and right, and I am left-handed. Thank goodness for that wedding ring so I can tell the difference!

    I would love to do this on my blog, but I don’t know if I can think of 100 random facts about myself…

  10. Hi Rachel! Well I sat down on my lunch break and read interesting and funny! I have realy enjoyed reading your blog….I find myslef looking on it a few times a day to see what’s new. Please tell Chris, Mary Kate said hello!! Ali is precious and I love watching her grow on here.

    Take care!

    Mary Kate

  11. Hello my name is ghada and i went to school for word and excel im a stay at home mom also now i was wondering and please dont laugh but may i please work with you online omg i so need the income respond back at or you can call me at 215-289-4188 anytime please dont think im crazy thank you

  12. #86 Hold up your right finger hand… spread our your fingers and notice that your pointer finger and thumb create an “L”. Hope that helps you from now on!

  13. Rachel,

    I just read this post, and I loved it. I'm going to ask my "Rach" if I can call you, "Rach." I have never called anyone else "Rach."
    She was "Baby Rach." This name was given to her by her beloved papa who is now with Jesus and her nana.
    I love that name. I don't always call her that…it just comes out at certain times..sometimes when I'm sad about what is happenning to her..sometimes when I am elated about something she or the babos are doing..sometimes when I'm excited about something, I'll call her that.

    We do have many things in common..lots I'd like to comment on, but I decided (at another viewing) to write them down by numbers and be organized after finding out your love for excel and other things that help people actually be organized and look at things logically and easily.

    But, I do love your blog. When I start reading a post…I have to finish it..even if I DO NOT have the time at that moment. You're so real..and I loved reading about your family and things you did growing up. :)

  14. I loved this entry! We are very similar in our "geek stats", and like you, I'm not ashamed of mine. I love my quirks! :)

  15. I was browsing the most popular posts over on the left, there, and thought this sounded interesting! I did a 100 Things list some time back, too. I had a hard time coming up with 100 things that I was willing to share with the public! :)

    I loved reading yours. Go go gadget geeks!

  16. okay…here goes…I started reading your blog HOURS ago…I don’t even remember how I got here (from Twitter I think) and I have laughed so much and found you to be so entertaining. I have read almost all your articles listed on the right side, and yes, I read all 100 things about you too. You are a treasure for sure and a very talented writer. I’ll try to visit again soon.

  17. hi raach….i m from bangalore, india. I really like ur thoughts. U seem very friendly. I like reading ur blog. I got ur blog next to mine. I m a starter. Happy weekend. Bye…..

  18. I laughed at the left/right thing. I usually think to myself.. “I write with this hand, so that’s the left side” … I have to agree with all the above statements; it must be a lefty thing.

    Also, good for you on embracing your inner geeky’ness. Everyone should. And those who have yet to find it, should seek it. There must be a inner geeky’ness/love of number correlation somewhere.

    I somehow stumbled on your blog post on the mommy jeans and laughed and laughed and laughed. Your humor made me need to read more. Glad I did!

    1. Thank you so much! Welcome to my humble abode. Glad to know I’m not alone in my left-right issues – my four year old daughter is tons better at it than I am!

  19. New to your blog b/c of someone who posted a link to your “mom jeans” blog entry. Loved it … entertaining AND useful information. :-) And enjoyed reading the 100 things about you (in one sitting). I have a daughter named Greta (4 yrs old), but she does not look like Greta Van Sustern.

  20. Hi there! I read your comment on canker sores. My son gets huge ones too. I was looking around for info on how to keep them at bay and found this website (link below). The first thing I did was find him a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate and treated them with an topical antiseptic for the mouth. Worked great, they went away in two days (and these were huge, open sores!). He hasn’t had any since. Anyway, thought I’d share.

    1. Thanks!! I’ll check it out. I finally found a prescription paste that works great to minimize them, and I haven’t had trouble for a couple of years, because oddly enough, I don’t get them when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding. Bizarre, huh?

    2. I get them as well but find that they tend to come just before I get a cold. They are probably the first symptom of my cold. Fortunately, I don’t get them with every cold!

    3. I had smaller sores, but lots of occurences, sores stuck around for a week or more… My doctor prescribed a powdered tetracycline, I put it on the sores several times a day and they would go away rapidly. the sooner I got the powder on the sore after I felt it coming on the better. definetly I got them from stress and just prior to getting sick. God Bless.

  21. One of my friends re-posted your blog regarding moms and the “long butt”, and then I read your 100 things and really enjoyed both. I think I will write 100 things about myself, just for fun! Thanks!

  22. Hey Rachel…had fun reading your blog!! Looking forward to having you over tomorrow for the jean party!! : )

  23. Not in one sitting, but I enjoyed reading all of these and am still so impressed you came up with 100! Like I said, coming up with 11 felt pretty challenging to me. It was nice getting to know you better!

  24. Rach,
    I stumbled upon your blog through a pinterest link of you teaching your daughter the states and kept reading more. I love your writing style and how honest and true to yourself you are. Some blogs I have read are trying so hard that they miss the point of recording real life and relating to each other through those experiences. I will definitely be reading more of your posts from now on!

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad that comes through. I go through a lot of overanalytical angst about what I write and how – I’m glad the effort pays off! Nice to meet you – and welcome!

  25. I found your blog through Pinterest and I LOVE it!! I live in Decatur, AL so I’m not very far from you. I just read this all at one time, and I have to say, you and I are a lot alike ;) We’re pretty close in age and I work in the accounting department at the corporate office of a major pest control company. I will be reading your blog a LOT since I feel like we have so much in common and I love your sense of humor :)

  26. I just found your blog today…and I’m loving it! I have one other random question for you – where did you go to college? (Sorry if you talk about this elsewhere on your blog – as I said, I’m a newbie here). We’re the same age and you look awfully familiar…I went to Samford in B’ham…just wondering if you were there too! So glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    1. Hey!

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond – oh my goodness I’ve been inundated with comments this week!

      I went to Jeff State then UAB, from 99 – 03. I have a ton of friends that went to Samford, but I didn’t. Does that help? Any bells ringing?

  27. Just found your blog today because a friend reposted it on FB… the GAP and Old Navy jean deal. I actually sat and read all 100 things about you in one sitting. I laughed out loud at the one about not being able to sit with your feet on the floor. I can’t do that either, but I’ve never thought of it as a “thing about me.” I always thought it was because I have short legs and they just don’t reach the floor comfortably in most chairs. Thanks for the good read… I’ll add your blog to my list of reading options (you know, in those rare moments when I get a chance to sit down and do something unnecessary).

  28. I enjoyed this so much! I just came across your blog today and couldn’t stop reading! We are so much alike, it was fun and rather entertaining to read about someone across the country who has so many odd little quirks that I thought surely I was on my own with! I am 23 years old, Got married straight out of highschool to my childhood love, we have two little boys, and I’m a stay at home mommy and wife. I’m a preachers kid and its refreshing to hear somebody so openly talk about their relationship with Christ and with their family. I am a writer myself, I’m currently working on a novel and I have an unpublished blog, still not sure what direction I want to go with it :) I will continue to read! God Bless!

  29. I loved your denim post! I came across it in Pinterest and I have been reading your blog now for over and hour!

    I saw your point about mouth ulcers. Have you ever looked into an allergy? More specifically sodium lauryl sulfate? I used to get them and have since switched all my products to sulfate free. I have not had any since. I actually became an Arbonne rep to get all of the good products at a cheaper price!

    1. Thank you so much!

      My mouth ulcers have been better since I had my second child. I seem to only get them now when I’m extremely stressed. I’ll keep that in mind though – it might be worth the experiment!

  30. Rach,

    I found your wonderful blog, off of a posting in pinterest and I am happy I did. I love reading your thoughts as it makes it easy to go… wow…. I am not the only one that is this quirky!

    Keep posting as I will keep reading!



      1. I wish you lived closer to do a Vault Jean Party! I have been wanting to go to one, since my cousin threw one up in Dallas… (I am in Houston).


  31. I usually NEVER leave comments on a website or blog post, but as per your #29 & 30, I thought that I would leave a comment just to let you know that I happened onto your blog after finding it linked in cyberspace – the mom jean thing has me kind of fascinated. But, I also like to see who the person is whose opinion that I am reading belongs to, (that was the worst grammar ever in the history of English grammar. I am so sorry!) so of course, I had to read “about you” – and got onto this post. I think that your blog is really fun and will def be back! Thanks for posting.

  32. So I’m sitting and half watching the Alabama vs. Western Kentucky game with my hubby and reading blogs. Yours came recommended by Kelli Wright @ Restore Interiors, who’s blog I started following via email after meeting her in an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class. I randomly chose a couple of your posts to read and yes, I read this post in one sitting. Just curious, I guess that other’s have some idiosyncrasies about themselves that are similar to mine. Comforting to know that you do. ;-) You’re almost half my age, but you would be a fun and positive person to be around. God has given you a gift for writing and I look forward to keeping up with your posts. “A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine.” I was also a homeschool mom for 7 years – some of the very best years of my life!!! Your children and family are beautiful!! May God bless you, richly and I look forward to reading future posts as you “grasp for objectivity”. Tina

    1. Thanks so much – I’m glad you enjoyed it! Kelli is too sweet – I love her!

      And for the record, I only half watched the game, too, and I was in the stadium! ;)

  33. I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest and found that we share several commonalities…#12, 71, … and our best friend – Excel! I am also an accountant (working from home at the moment since we just moved for my husband’s job), and I hope to start blogging in my ‘free time’. I look forward to following your blog! :-)

  34. Hello Rach, I read through your qualities and must say that i would feel terrible if i just left and didnt leave this comment. I was brought here from your rant of wanting a mini giraffe and wanting to know more about the person creative enough to post that. I did infact read this in one sitting and have been well entertained and happy with what my random internet searches bring me while bored on this deployment =) Thanks a lot for the fun few minutes and i hope you keep it up for years to come!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you happen to see any miniature giraffes wandering around wherever you are, be sure and catch one – there are thousands of people in the states that would want one!

      1. You know, when i went on a mini vacation (pass) i went on a safari in Tanzania and we ran into a mini deer type animal called a “Dik-Dik”. The condensed cuteness and adorableness almost over powered me into trying to smuggle a few back to the states. They are like 12 inch deer and just about the closest thing ive seen to a mini giraffe as of this time.

  35. Couple thoughts…

    1. You are a dork… but dorks are cool, so it’s all good; on a related note… I’m a geek, but my wife thinks geeks are cool which is good enough for me.

    2. Excel is awesome, I <3 Excel (I work in a type of analytics, it's our bread and butter). My wife feels the same way, and she too tracks our budget in Excel (for which I am grateful). Similarly she was also home-schooled and is an accountant, and she also has every intention of educating our children the same way (with my full support… good for you and your family as well btw)!

    3. I did read all of these in a single sitting, way too late at night, and it was very entertaining (in a good way)!

    With a list of 100, there are probably other thoughts I had, but with it being 3:30 am, and having a Sunday morning service "tomorrow," I REALLY need to hit the sack.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this! God Bless, and Merry Christmas!

    P.S. My wife found your blog through your some of your Mom Jean posts I believe, also very nice postings! Thanks for those!

  36. I too read all 100 in one sitting.. Its more of a one-sitting blog for sure..
    :D Good ones!!
    I agree with Excel love. I love it. Its a life saver. And if nothing else is needed to be done – work wise, its still sooo damn good to play with it.. And The peel the film off electronics… I actually imagined you at the store peeling off :)
    Id love to try that :D

    Good blog!

  37. I too read the entire blog in one sitting, only because as I was reading it was like looking into a mirror at myself. So funny! So many similarities from Homeschooled child to superficial things as my husband is also a Chris lol Enjoyed reading keep up the great blogs!

  38. Have you ever tried brushing your teeth with an equal mixture of coconut oil and baking soda? I add a little stevia and peppermint oil. It takes a bit of getting used to but it might help with the ulcers. :)

  39. Rachel,
    My friend posted something by you yesterday about ‘mom jeans’ and being able to recognize “the look.” I have read every page you have written about jeans, since I was just telling my husband I need some new jeans. I went through every pair of jeans I owned, and discarded 3 pair immediately. They were from college (and I graduated in 1991), and I still fit in them, but the fit wasn’t right anymore. So, off to Goodwill they go. I have to admit, I kept my favorite pair of acid washed, 501 button fly, Levi jeans from then. I cant part with them, even though they are in the category of “mom jean” I just love those pants.

    I’ve had fun learning from you, and in turn I educated my husband on my jeans, and the need I have to make an update in that regard. BTW, he agrees with you about the long butt look mom jeans gives you.

    You are too cool Rachel. I just friend requested you on fb. Too bad you don’t take those little driving vacations to Monterey anymore. I could have met up with you for a fun lunch or something:). Ok, back to number 30 above…

    1. Hey! Sorry for my slow reply – my email has gotten the best of me this week. Thanks so much! I’m glad you friended me, and I would LOVE to come to Monterey again soon. It’s one of the most beautiful places in this country!

  40. I’m dying at #73! and how on earth were you able to actually SLEEP at an Alabama HOME game, they are sooooo WILD… glad to have discovered your blog. I, too, live in Alabama!!!

  41. You and I are so much alike!! Especially #81! I’ve never tasted beer either. Nasty smell and I can’t get past it.

  42. I should be doing so many things but I found myself reading your blog and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you for sharing, and I too identify with so many of your random things about yourself! You make me LOL, for real!!!

  43. I enjoyed your list which I read in one sitting after stumbling on your site while online shopping for butter mints for Christmas (& I decided to try your recipe rather than buy them). As I read I was thinking about what personality type you might be. Not sure of that, but I do think you and your husband’s relationship type is likely “Duality”

    . I think you might be interested in learning about that, which you can read ab0ut online, It’s the Russian version of MBTI, also based on Jung, but much better researched and much more extensive, accurate, and interesting, Especially because the 16 types, with each other, make 16 different types of relationships. When you chart yourself with your family and friends it really can bring understanding into them when you understand that certain strengths and difficulties in your relations have todo with how your personalities work together. I
    like that it brings a certain equality to all – we all have the same amount of types who find us interesting, wonderful, boring, or annoying.

    So you might be interested in learning about that. My relationship with my husband is easy – its “Duality”, as I think yours might be. My difficult relation with my Mom is “Supervision”, one of the tougher ones (and its also one of the two “uneven” ones). And with my son, its “Superego”, which is respectful, but not easy. I love him tremendously, but its a relation that takes more work and thought. As to my siblings, my two brothers close in age to me were in my same “Quadra” [group of four personality types that share the same values, includes your dual, and you find it easy to work with them] and my other brother was my Conflictor, but with the bigger age difference that was a good relation, though, if he were my spouse it would be a lot harder.

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