To get 5% off your entire Platinum LED Therapy Lights order, use the coupon code FNAZP6205. If you’re shopping on your smart phone, after you click “Check Out”, click on “Show Order Summary” to key in your discount code.

Platinum LED is an excellent red light therapy light panel. It is an alternative to the better known  Joovv Red Lights, but is significantly less expensive. I found PlatinumLED lights while looking for a more affordable alternative to Joovv. A local light technician measured the output of my Bio-600 light versus the Joovv lights and found that they had the same output.

There are so many FDA Approved red light therapy uses, and thousands of medical studies that have been done on the lights. I recommend this book for an excellent overview on all the uses and tests of the lights. It takes the study results and puts them in plain English, making the science easy to comprehend.

To read my objective review and documented results and experience with my two BIO-600 Platinum LED Red Lights, click here. As an update since I wrote that post, the lights have been life-changing for me in several different ways, and even after using them for six months, I’m still realizing parts of my body that are working better than they did before. I will be writing an update post soon to list them all. I have also had several friends come to my home to use the lights for various ailments as well, and all of them have had outstanding results.

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