Pictures of the Process of Hair Stitches.

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Noah’s head, before anything was done to it.

Hair Stitches IMG_4776 2 s

Trying to locate the beginning of the bleeding.

Hair Stitches IMG_4778 3 s

Blood makes a great hair gel.

Hair Stitches IMG_4779 3 s

Hair Stitches IMG_4781 s

But we still couldn’t see where the cut was.

Hair Stitches IMG_4782 s

Post-rinsing – we could finally see the exit point.

Hair Stitches IMG_4786 s

Hair Stitches IMG_4783 s

I couldn’t take any pictures of the hair stitches the night we put them in, because I was too busy holding them tight. But here’s what they looked like the next morning when I checked on them. The hair stitches stayed in for five days, until I finally gently unwound them.

Hair Stitches IMG_4875 s


Hair Stitches IMG_4804 s

Hair Stitches IMG_4802 s

The hair stitches clipped together for the night:

Hair Stitches IMG_4795 s

And banded:

Hair Stitches IMG_4799 2 s

Hair Stitches IMG_4798 2 s
The scar, 2 1/2 weeks after:

Hair Stitches IMG_5355 s