Nine Years ago.

I was twenty years old…

Thia, this year’s youngest (alphabet-sweatered) American Idol contestant, was six.

Chris and I had been married for nearly a year (yes, as a matter of fact, I was a child bride), and the show “American Idol” came out.

Due to our musical background, we were so excited about the concept of the show.  But that first season was painfully awkward – and it’s even more so to go back and watch those episodes current day.  Most of the singers stank and the judges were weird, but the incorrigibly cheesy hosts were the worst part.

They were two nobodies: Ryan Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman.
Their stage presence was awful – Chris and I suffered through their monologues in order to watch the actual singing performances.  Had DVR been invented way back then at the turn of the century, we would have certainly fast forwarded through their annoying slapstick jokes.

But, despite his inability to host without making us cringe, Dunkleman had intuition, he did.

He quit after one season.

Besides saying he didn’t approve of the off-camera-fake-reality-television parts of the show (because we all know that producers would NEVER stage drama in “reality” shows…), he said that the show was a flash in the pan that would never last. [Sources: Wikipedia and IMDB]

So he moved on – to further his career with much more lucrative roles.

He abandoned poor Ryan to make it on his own…who’s managed to limp along without his co-host for the past nine years…


…and to become a bajiliontrillionzillionaire.

And Dunkleman…

…well, there was an appearance on Celebrity Fit Club…

oh! And he has 292 loyal followers on Twitter.

(Which totally lays a smack-down on Ryan Seacrest and his piddly 4.1 million followers.)

So the moral of this story is…if you ever find yourself as the host of a reality show, give it a year or ten before calling it a failure.

Now…for the Predict America’s Pick Leaderboard:

PredictAmericasPickButton copy











WEEK TWO Name: Up/Down From
Rank: Last Week:
1 Trish Bogdanchik 0
2 Stephanie Bacon +5
2 Jennifer +5
2 Rachel (Me) +10
5 Amanda Bosque +12
5 Sharon Ivy +2
5 Lianne Robinson +7
8 Elizabeth Parsons -7
8 Bethany Kilcup +15
8 Elizabeth Hostetler -7
8 Rebecca Moody -7
8 Lisa -1
8 Jennifer Paxton +9
14 Trista Stewart +9
14 Kim Barg -13
14 Diane Haas +9
14 Greta Carter +9
18 Cara +12
18 mary -6
18 Brandy Bates +11
18 Giann -1
22 Patty -10
22 Lesley Romans +1
24 Hannah Jo -17
24 Leanna McClellan -12
24 Michelle Brose -23
27 Rebekah Tarbutton +6
27 Mary @ Parenthood -10
29 Elizabeth Keller -12
29 Kitty Engle +5
31 Lynda Del Castillo -8
31 Brandi Bryant -1
33 Shelly Manston -16
34 Lindsey Murphy -4
35 Amy Wade -1
35 Lauren +1
37 Rachel +1
38 Stacey Hood -2


….Hopefully you’re a better future-predictor than Brian Dunkleman.

14 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to Brian Dunkleman?

  1. Can I repick? I am doing awful but I just picked out of the sky and hoped to have some Ali luck. Side note: I expect Cadbery eggs when I get there.

  2. I was a child bride too….married at 19. Didn’t know you were so young too. We’ve been married 12 years now. :)

    I never watched American Idol in the first year so I didn’t even know about this Brian guy. Thanks for the history lesson. Ha!!!!

  3. I remember when Idol started, it was my freshman year of college, but I only watched the last couple of episodes of that season. The thing I remember most about it was Justin’s crazy hair. Looking at that picture of Ryan Seacrest I think he went to the tanning bed a few too many times that year.
    I really started getting into idol the second season and I was a “claymate” from day one, I got his cd’s as soon as they were released & I even went to one of his Christmas concerts…which turned out to be a huge disappointment.

    1. Yes, Justin’s hair was DEFINITELY the most memorable thing of that season!!! Ashthon’s hair from this season reminded me of it.

      And I was totally in love with Clay, too – his eyes were just DREAMMMMY!! :)

  4. We don’t watch Idol, but I had to read this becasue I’ve been on edge about the Dunkleman (we did watch t.v. back in the day!). So funny.

  5. I didn’t grow up in the south so I never wore smock myself, though I wore my fair share of hideous 80’s outfits!! Now that I live in the south I see a lot of smocking. I like it but I don’t know anyone personally that does it and I’m not willing to pay the prices so my Kidd have never worn any. But your post cracked me up. I’m from Oregon. At least you don’t have a bunch of childhood pictures wearing socks and sandals :P.

  6. At first I was kind of embarrassed, but then I remembered that I haven’t even watched one second of the show so anything about last place is A. MIRACLE. :)

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