Attention, Pregnant People and New People: You’re Blogging For Me Today.

So, Ali and I like to stalk get to know our readers…

Other eye, kid.


That’s better.

…and I’ve noticed that we have some new readers (I think from the crazy trip around the internet that my Mom Jeans post just took). All of my regular commenters know that I try my best to get to know them, and so I want to get to know all of you new people too! I know I’ve been to visit some of you, but I also know I’ve missed some.

So, if you’re new around here (or not new and have just never introduced yourself), say hi! Tell me about yourself, and if you have a blog, be sure to give me the link so that I can come visit you!

Also, while I’m making y’all do the blogging, I’ve been meaning to put a link-up for all of my fellow-preggo readers. I know that there are a bunch of you, and I’m having trouble keeping up with who is due when. So link into this Mister Linky with your blog URL, and in the title, put your name and your due date (and boy/girl, if you know yet!). I’ll put myself in first for an example.

Oh – and if you don’t have a blog but are still expecting, then leave your preggo info in the comments.

So, to recap in case I’ve made this all too confusing, comment if you’re new, and link-up if you’re pregnant. Or comment if you’re pregnant if you don’t have a blog or just don’t like Mister Linky.

Thanks for blogging for me today – you guys are the best!