I have always been fascinated with artwork and have yearned to partake in the beautiful art of colors and canvases, but I was just not born with that gift.

However, “The Artist Within” may very well be able to help me make up for my lack of “natural talent”. The Author, Whitney Ferre, explores the world of our untapped potential. She shares her own story of how she moved out of Sales and into Art with no “natural abilities”. She learned to unlock the brain’s potential and hone the skills that we don’t even know that we have!

This book walks you through that process in a riveting manner. It is made for adults, but fitting for children also – and it would be a perfect homeschooling curriculum! It is so easy to read and laid out in a workbook form, so that you can take notes as you learn.

Whitney breaks down the book into eight bite-sized “exercises”: Exercises in Emphasis, Balance, Proportion, Unity, Harmony, Contrast, Rhythm, and Repetition. She explains each one in easy-to-understand analogies as she lays the foundation to help us SEE LIFE through the creative side of our brain.

If you would like to win a SIGNED copy of this awesome book from Turner Publishing and join me in my journey of learning how to use the untapped creative side of your brain, simply comment on this post! This contest will be open until Monday, September 14th, and a winner will be chosen randomly and announced on September 15th.

Good luck!!

38 thoughts on “Back to School Book Giveaway – "The Artist Within"

  1. I like giveaways, but this does not count as a blog. Where is my informative, humorous, thought provoking (sp?) blog?

  2. Cool! I am up for art…even though I am not really all that artsy! Also, I love the new header! That is a great picture of your girl! And BTW the first week of school was great. Everyone loved it, even me!

  3. Am I disqualified from winning because I was an art minor in college? No? Good. :)

    I agree with Kitty. This in no way resembles an actual post.

  4. I need all the help I can get with art. The kids are taking an entry level art class this year, but I would love to do something at home with them. Please enter me. And I haven't forgot the books YOU WON. I will be running errands Monday and will mail them then.

    Oh, and I love your new header also. And I agree, this does not count as a real post. So, come up with something funny and insightful pronto (Please:)

  5. My inner artist is so buried, I fear she has suffocated. But I love art and even have a son who is letting his inner artist breath and bloom, so, YES, we need(greed) the book.

  6. PS… Dear Busy Momma,
    I love your hilarious posts, but if you occasionally, substitute a give away, I'll just read in the archives and trust that good things are in the cooker.

  7. You people have gotten demanding!! Except for sweet Linda.

    There is already another post up, so check it out and quit fussin' at me!

  8. I'm loving the art on the front of the book. Beautiful! I'd love to win that book! Thanks for the opportunity :0)

  9. Okay, this one drew me in….I always enjoy your picturesque story-telling, and I love the idea that this book is able to lead you through tapping into the latent artist inside you…would love to find out if it works.

  10. this sounds a lot like The Artist Way. i used to think i didn't have any artistic ability, but i've discovered i have. would love to read this book.

  11. You know I have checked out books on painting drawing but for some reason its tough so I know I dont have natural ability.I sure wish I did .I love art This sounds like a great book so if I dont win this I might go try to buy it

  12. "The Artist Within" reminds me of another art instruction book about using the right side of the brain to draw. If its anything like that book then it must be great. I saw the before and after pictures and it really is amazing how anybody can learn to draw if given the right instruction.

  13. I've been kinda down lately and feeling like I am missing out on the creative side of myself. I have no natural talents, but would like to be more artisitc.

    vpg71 at hotmail.com

  14. I have always wished I was more artistic. This book makes it sound like I could be a little more positive about it


  15. I love to be creative, but I too am lacking any natural artistic talent and always find myself frustrated in my attempts as artistic endeavors. This looks like the perfect book for me. Thank you for the chance to win.

  16. I absolutely love books like this! It sounds a lot like The Artist's Way (Julie Cameron) meets Creative License (Danny Gregory).

    Thanks so much for offering this book! I love to hear about new books like this.

  17. I'd like to look at someone else's perspective and try to see life from a more creative approach. I'd love to win and read this book. Thanks for the opportunity.


  18. Like you, I wasn't born with the gift of artistry. I would love to find out if there is a way to tap into my inner artist. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  19. Hmmm…any chance of an accountant really having a creative side and unknown natural abilities. This could be interesting of trying to find the "artist within":)

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