Johnof McDavid Photos photographed Gina’s wedding, and he puts all his photos online for public perusal. Thanks to him, here are more shots of the wedding.

For the entire story including all of Ali’s comedic reliefs during the wedding, click here.

Rehearsal, workin’ those fake flowers.

In awe of the tall dark handsome ring bearer. . .

Wedding day, getting ready to put the “hat” BACK on for the countless time.

Gina’s flowers were fascinating. . .

. . .so why not steal them??
The dark handsome stranger on the scene. . .

The beautiful bride.

Me and the bride. . .and the wandering flower girl.

Run away!! Run away!!

“are those real?”

Bossing the bride around.

The bride is great for fixing straying bangs. . .

Hiding behind the flowers. . . too bashful to talk to the tall, dark, handsome stranger.

Telling secrets about him.

GINA was brave enough to kiss him. . .

My fave shot of the three of us, and Ali’s fave thing to do with two people.

A quick fix after the wedding. . .

Resisting standing up for pictures with all her might.

…but she finally had to give up.

Sippy cups and white dresses. For Rachel G.

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19 thoughts on “Wedding Extra: The Photographer’s Shots

  1. Ohh, I haven’t been to a wedding in so long! All my friends already went down that road. Gotta wait for the younger generation to finally grow up I guess.

    Beautiful shots, beautiful bride, beautiful flower girl and great memories! But I have to say, I’m amazed at how long the bride was able to stay squatted down. I remember my wedding dress I thought if I bent over too long I would pass out from lack of oxygen to my brain.

  2. I liked seeing all the extra shots and especially Ali playing peekaboo with the tall, dark, and handsome ring bearer.

  3. What a beautiful wedding! The bride was radiant and I can’t get enough of that flower girl!! So cute:-)

  4. Squatting wasn’t easy for very long. At one point I squatted to hug Ali and both of us fell backwards. I ended up ripping out the part that held the bustle of my train together. Whoops. It was super fun though. :) :)

  5. Those pictures of Ali and the bride are so sweet! And I love the one where she is looking at the ring bearer with such admiration!

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